Just Breathe

      Alvin H. Danenberg, DDS     January 15, 2016   [printfriendly]

Just BreatheOccasionally I write, not about Paleo and health, but about life. For me, I am moved by words and sentiments that mean much more than the obvious. It’s always personal.


I believe that life is all about quality – what you take in and what you give out. Paleo nutrition and lifestyle create quality of life as we age. However, who we are and how we treat others are so much more than just food and exercise.


If you have never heard the song Just Breathe, take a few minutes to let the music and words sink in. The words to this song speak to me of the quality and meaning of life on such a higher level and in such a more meaningful realm. Listen to it with one you love.


Eddie Vedder wrote the lyrics for this song and is the vocalist for Pearl Jam. Just Breathe was released in 2009.


I have linked two renditions*:

  • One by Pearl Jam HERE.
  • One by Willie Nelson and his son Lukas HERE. Notice what happens in the video near the end.


*   Sometimes, YouTube will shut down a video because of copyright issues. If these links were to become disabled, then search “Just Breathe” on YouTube.com to find an active link. Your time will be well spent.