Passion to Thrive
– My Spiritual Cancer Journey –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

May 23, 2021 [printfriendly]

Most of my followers know that I have been on a personal cancer journey since September 2018. And most know that I was placed in a hospice hospital in late August 2019 to die. But most don’t know what happened to me during those hospice days of deep depression and preparing for death. And then how my spirituality lifted me up to where I am today.



The severe pathological fractures of my right femur, right humerus, and 2 ribs (which occurred all at once) put me in hospice. During those few weeks, I felt I had lost any chance for a quality of life. I was ready to die and wanted to die. I gave up. I saw no path forward. And I was surrounded by dying patients.

But a change in the wind was coming. Eventually, it would ignite my passion to thrive.

As fate would have it, during the first week of September 2019, a fierce hurricane threatened the hospice hospital and forced an evacuation of all patients. The hospital staff did not know where to send me. So, my wife quickly arranged for a hospital bed to be sent to my home, and I was transported there.

At home, I remained heavily drugged, catheterized, and demoralized. I continued to be under hospice care. My bones were healing, but I was still ready to die and wanted to die.

After getting home, my wife gave me some tough love. She can be a very persuasive and stubborn person!

She literally pulled me up emotionally and rekindled my spirituality to change the course of my life. What a woman!

My spirituality had been the backbone of my ability to cope with cancer up to the event that caused me to enter hospice.

Within weeks of being home, I began to rally. I developed not only a desire to live but also a passion to thrive. I revoked hospice care and began the first day of the rest of my life. I realized that I had a purpose in life and that I could act on it positively.


My Spiritual Beliefs

I am not driven by a religious philosophy but rather by an intense spirituality. In the weeks following the hurricane, my wife helped me reconnect to my previous spiritual experiences.

I believe we all are on earth to learn lessons. I can trace my beliefs back to some of my early readings of Ian Stevenson[1] and Edgar Cayce[2], both of whom wrote extensively about reincarnation. These views also are influenced by my research about “out of body” experiences by Robert Monroe[3] and “near-death” experiences by Dr. Raymond Moody[4]. My spiritual feelings are confirmed by the in-depth research of Dr. Michael Newton[5], whose patients clearly revealed under hypnotic regression that our souls have an existence between incarnations. Dr. Newton coined the term, “Life-Between-Lives”.

Here are three interesting interviews – one with Robert Monroe, a short one with Dr. Ray Moody, and the last with Dr. Michael Newton:

26-minute video with Robert Monroe

2-minute video with Dr. Raymond Moody

43-minute video with Dr. Michael Newton



Spiritual Encounters

I had two spiritual encounters in the past that I now know related to my present diagnosis of cancer and subsequent cancer journey.


Way back in 1992, I had the opportunity to attend a 6-day intense program at the Monroe Institute in Faber, VA. It was called “Gateway Voyage”.[6] In those days, the program was held live at the Institute and was limited to about 15 people. The participants experienced progressive states of altered consciousness through the guidance of recorded audio tapes while experiencing the brain enhancing frequencies called HemiSync[7].

Hemi-Sync (hemispheric synchronization) is an audio-guidance process using headphones. It works through the generation of complex, multilayered audio signals that are slightly different for the left ear and the right ear. Together, these frequencies create a resonance of brain waves in the left and right hemispheres which assists an individual in “balancing” both hemispheres and entering various states of altered consciousness. The process is like transcendental meditation, but much quicker. HemiSync gets you “there” almost immediately.

Each of the attendees had a private cubicle where we would lie down for each session, put on the headphones, and listen to the verbal guidance which had HemiSync frequencies embedded. The cubicles also were our “sleeping quarters” for the entire stay. Each day we had 4 separate audio sessions. After each session, the group leader would assemble all 15 participants to discuss our experiences.

In one session, I was guided to a level of altered consciousness and was able to visualize in my mind’s eye going up a mountain to open a door. The door was supposed to open to my future. But I couldn’t open the door. The door was blocked.

During the group discussion which immediately followed, the leader explained to me that there was a major event in my future that I was not supposed to know yet. In time, I would learn what that was. And he emphasized that it would be life changing.


Fast forward twenty years …

I had been doing significant reading in all areas of past life regression and life-between-lives. My belief turned into a knowing. I was convinced we are here on earth for various incarnations to learn specific lessons so our soul could evolve.

In 2012, I saw a hypnotherapist who specialized in Life Between Lives Regression. She was trained by the Newton Institute.[8] This was an intense session that lasted 6 hours on a Friday evening and then another 4 hours the following Saturday morning. During this experience, I had significant breakthroughs. But again, I ran into a block.

During the hypnotic regression, I was not able to “open the door” to a future experience. My therapist explained that something very significant would be happening to me in the future, but now was not the time for my consciousness to uncover what my soul had planned for me.

This sounded familiar. In 1992 and again in 2012. What could it be that was so major in my life that my life-between-lives regression would not allow me to peek at that plan?


Six years later, in September 2018, my most life-changing event occurred. I was diagnosed with incurable bone marrow cancer and was given 3-6 months to live. At that time, I viewed it as a death sentence. But it turned out to be the exact opposite. It was the opening of a door that completely changed the course of my life for the better.


Today, I believe that the event of, and personal growth from, developing terminal cancer were blocked from my consciousness in 1992 and again in 2012.

I believe this blocked door was the gateway for me to learn this life’s purpose. The lesson I was to take away was that I could survive my prognosis, thrive, and begin helping others in similar situations.


We All Have a Journey

No matter where we are in our life’s journey, there is a purpose. In my belief system, my soul designed this current experience before incarnating in my physical body to learn a critical lesson. As time moves on, the soul will continually perfect itself as it becomes enlightened and approaches one with the almighty source.

When I was able to rediscover my spirituality, I was able to find strength and resolve to persevere. Everyone dealing with a life-threatening situation can find solace if they connect with their soul and discover their meaning of life.

For many people, they find comfort in religion and its doctrine. For me, I found meaning by knowing that my immortal soul is learning important lessons in my current mortal body.

My exciting journey is just beginning. Who knows what other doors I will encounter? I’m looking forward to a bright future and many meaningful years to come.











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An Interview With God

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

March 14, 2021 [printfriendly]



A wonderful and thoughtful friend sent me a video which was published in 2010. It is pertinent, touching, and thought-provoking. If it were recorded and published yesterday, its opportune message would ring true with most people today. It’s an Interview with God.

The author of this creative production relates a dream where he had an interview with God. God asks, “So, you would like to interview me?” The author responds, “If you have the time.” God answers with, “My time is eternity”.

Obviously, everyone will have their own reaction to this video. I was moved in many ways.


Where I Come From

In April 2021, I will be 74 years old. I’ve noticed that along with aging comes maturity, sentimentality, and the slow evolution of the meaning of life. With the abrupt change in my life because of my cancer journey, I experienced an epiphany – I learned my life’s purpose.

Our immortal soul lives within a physical body for a very short time. During those years, it learns so much. I wish I could have appreciated all the beautiful and intangible elements of life starting when I was a much younger man.

But of course, there is no turning back the clock of life’s events. Maybe I can impress on those whose whole life in unfolding before them that there is more to living than accumulating material possessions.

Interview With God brought the intangible into my tangible world. Along with that, this video stirred up emotions in me that brought tears to my eyes.

My cancer journey directed me on a path to improve my physical body – metabolically, muscularly, and cellularly. One of my major goals was to help my body heal itself. But this video redirected me to another side – my spiritual side.

My strong spiritual awareness was one of the original strengths that gave me direction and comfort after my cancer diagnosis in 2018. As I progressed along my cancer journey, I did not spend as much time on my spiritual beliefs as I did my physical demands. But I wrote about My Spirituality in July 2019. Interview With God brought me back to the meaning of my spirituality and its power to calm and to be in the moment.

My wife was not as struck as I was.

She said the video used beautiful words but lacked a true call to action. She reminded me that our world is divided deeply with extreme levels of hate on both sides of the socioeconomic spectrum. And our personal lives are being affected in negative ways by all the media that bombard us daily. It is a cacophony of external stimuli.


My Thoughts

My thoughts are that there must be a “coming together” of love, empathy, and goodness. All humankind has some elements of commonality.

Humanity at its core is caring. But humanity also at its core has the animal instinct of survival. Have we become a society that believes our ultimate survival is threatened in such a way and to such an extent that our caring has become minimized or even worse – nonexistent?

So far, I have watched the video 6 times. There are parts that resonate with me more than others. I found it to be inspiring while eliciting introspection. I encourage you to pay special attention to God’s answers to the question, “As a parent, what are some of life’s lessons you want your children to learn?”

You’ll have to read the captioned text since there is no voice audio that “speaks” to you. But if you are like me, you will rewatch it several times so that the profound messages have a chance to sink in.

Interview With God is a combination of haunting music, breathtaking photography, and poignant words about the world around us and within us. It will take 3 ½ minutes of your time to watch.



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My Spirituality

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

July 29, 2019 [printfriendly]



Spirituality is defined as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” It is “the measure of how willing we are to allow some power greater than ourselves to enter our lives and guide us along our way.”


After writing My Depression a few weeks ago, several readers asked me to talk about my spirituality. They had questions like, “Are you religious?”; “What do you believe in?”; “Do you accept a higher power?”


The subject of spirituality is charged with emotions on many levels. Sometimes, people take their emotions about their spirituality to the extreme and become intolerant of those who don’t believe as they do.


Let me begin by saying that I respect everyone’s beliefs. However, I have a problem when some individuals try to push their beliefs on me or shun me because I don’t believe what they believe. Please be considerate of my beliefs. As all of you know, your spirituality is a very personal thing, and so is mine.



My Belief

People with a strong religious belief system take comfort in their faith and its tenets. My comfort stems from my strong spiritual belief in our immortal soul. How I differ with most is that I do not subscribe to specific religious doctrines. I don’t align myself with any organized religious group. However, my deep spirituality rests in my unwavering belief that we are created by a higher power and that we are on earth for many purposes.


I believe all of us are immortal souls “residing temporarily” in a mortal body. Dr. Michael Newton has written two excellent books that detail his research regarding the immortal soul – Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls[1].


I believe that our souls were created by an incomprehensibly superior, all-encompassing power. Our soul exists within a physical body here on earth. Our soul’s purpose is to experience important lessons – so many life lessons. After death, our soul returns to its spiritual home with other souls. After a while, our soul may return in various human forms many times at our discretion to complete our learning process. I also believe that we all are going to the same place eventually to become One with the ultimate creator of the cosmos.


This belief is comforting to me. I can’t prove this belief to be true, but there is much documented evidence that suggests that my belief is universal for humanity. Evidence from documented writings like Dr. Raymond Moody’s book, Life After Life[2], and Robert Monroe’s personal experiences and journey in his final book, Ultimate Journey[3] – both explain the beauty and marvel of our soul’s home in the universe. Here is a 2-minute interview with Dr. Raymond Moody from 2016 on



My Priorities

My priorities at this moment in my life are to provide for my wife, live a quality life, enjoy the moments, and create new memories. I will clear my plate of extraneous demands, follow a path that is right for me, and dive into my bucket list – all the while striving to manage my malignancy called IgA Kappa Light Chain Multiple Myeloma.


But when it is my time to transition from today’s earthly existence to my spiritual existence, I know where I am going. Eventually, my next incarnation will be determined by what lesson or lessons I need to learn going forward in my soul’s journey.








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