Swish & Swallow for Gum Healing

evolution rI am not an herbalist, but I have learned that some herbal compounds provide significant benefits for our body.
Herbs are plants that have phytonutrients, and some of these can assist our body in numerous cellular functions. There are more than 25,000 phytonutrients found in plant foods, and many are continuously being discovered.
Phytonutrients are one of the reasons why plants are so important for us to ingest. These chemicals are what a plant uses internally to fight off infections and predators just like our immune system fights off infections and stressors attacking our body. While we do not require phytonutrients to sustain life, many of these chemicals have protective or disease preventive properties for our bodies. Some of the common names for these beneficial chemicals are antioxidants, flavonoids, carotenoids, and resveratrol.
Here are three liquid herbal extracts from MediHerb. They can be combined into a liquid tonic, which can assist with cellular health both topically and systemically. The tonic is diluted into an individual dose, swished in the mouth, and then swallowed. It is not a treatment for gum disease but an adjunct to gum treatment that aids in the healing process:

  • Echinacea Premium is a combination of Echinacea angustifolia root and Echinacea purpurea root. These substances work together to regulate and promote normal immune responses. They are helpful in virtually all conditions associated with microbial pathogens. WebMD.com suggests that Echinacea can activate chemicals in the body that decrease inflammation as well as attack yeast and other kinds of fungi directly.
  • Goldenseal contains hydrastine and berberine that work together to help maintain healthy mucous membranes, cleanse the gastrointestinal tract, help maintain healthy mucus function, and help support the body’s response to environmental stress. WebMD.com states that it may be effective against bacteria and fungi.
  • Gotu Kola contains pentacyclic triterpene ester saponins, which can promote healthy tissue function, support the body’s normal tissue repair process, and enhance vascular integrity. WebMD.com states that it may decrease inflammation and also increase collagen production that is important for wound healing.

The concoction ratio is:

  • 70 cc Echinacea Premium 1:2
  • 60 cc Goldenseal 1:3
  • 70 cc Gotu Kola 1:1

This recipe makes 200 cc of tonic. Measure the individual herbal extracts with a graduated cylinder, and store the combined solution in a dark glass bottle at room temperature. Measure 5 cc (1 teaspoon) of this mixture, and add filtered water to make an individual dose of approximately 2-3 teaspoons – more than that will be difficult to swish. Disposable plastic graduated medicine cups are ideal for this.
Three additional facts you need to know:

  • The liquid has a very dark brown color that could stain fabric. Also, it will leave a dark brown color on your tongue, which is not a problem.
  • After rinsing and swallowing, your tongue, palate, and lips will be left with a tingling sensation that will last for a little while. The tingling is from the alkylamides in the Echinacea. That’s actually how you know you’re getting a quality Echinacea.
  • This herbal tonic is extremely bitter with a strong aftertaste. I recommend you place 4-6 drops of Organic Whole Leaf Stevia Extract Liquid into the individual dose to make it more palatable. Here is a link to such a product made by NOW Foods.

To benefit from this blend, swish the measured dose for about 30 seconds, and then swallow. It will provide a topical effect as well as a systemic effect. Do this 2 or 3 times a day for 10 days. You should notice an improvement in the inflammation in your mouth. Be sure to have your dentist or periodontist evaluate and treat your mouth appropriately.
MediHerb prepares and bottles these individual herbal products, which are exclusively sold through Standard Process in the United States. Your healthcare professional could obtain these for you. Here is a link to the MediHerb Catalogue, which lists all of their herbal preparations.
If you have any questions, contact me here.