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– Suet for Extra Fat –

raw suet

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

June 20, 2021 [printfriendly]


This is not a recipe for a new dish of food. It is my way of introducing you to using Suet for extra fat in your food preparation.

Suet is an exceptional and nutritional animal fat from the area surrounding the beef kidney. It is relatively high in stearic acid, conjugated linoleic acid, as well as Vitamins A, D, E, and K2.

Here are 2 online sources for pastured beef suet:

White Oak Pastures

US Wellness Meats

When you purchase frozen suet, it looks like many “clumps of hard cheese”. I buy it in 2.5-pound packages and put them in the freezer until I am ready to use a chunk. When I want to use the suet for cooking or sprinkle into one of my tasty delights, I take a piece from the freezer and grate it. Since it is frozen, it grates very easily.

Then I can sprinkle the pieces into my food for extra fat, or I can put a measured amount in a saucepan. I use it for fat to cook eggs, ground beef, and pan-cooked steaks.

It is great to eat raw. I use it in my Steak Tartar for Two recipe. You could add a little Himalayan salt into the freshly frozen grated granules. Then eat then as is or sprinkle them on scrambled eggs or over-easy eggs anytime that pleases you.


2.5 pounds of packaged frozen Suet from the farmer


Coarsely grating the frozen Suet



Grated pieces of frozen Suet for food preparation




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