Get a Handle on Overall Wellness
– 7 Pathways to Success –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

February 19, 2023 [printfriendly]

Wellness is a state of mind and a state of being. Your attitude can dictate your path leading to health or disease. And your state of being is the manifestation of your overall wellness or illness.

You and only you must get a handle on the pathways that can guide you to happiness and wellbeing. I’m going to offer 7 specific pathways for you to consider. Think of each as part of a “To Do” list.

But first, here are some ‘Don’ts …

  • Don’t depend on health insurance to make you healthy.
  • Don’t depend on the medical community to pave your way.
  • Don’t depend on synthetic, mass-produced supplements for prevention or cure.
  • Don’t deviate from our species’ specific needs for nutrition and physical activity.
  • Don’t dismiss the benefits which conventional medicine can offer when you find yourself in an acute situation that requires allopathic treatment to overcome a medical emergency.

Get a handle on your overall wellness as naturally as possible. Do your research and make your decisions.


7 Pathways to Success

Here are seven “to-do” pathways that can lead to success or lead to failure if not followed. These are pathways that I have followed personally along my cancer journey …

  1. Feed your body with bioavailable nutrients, which are required to thrive
  2. Avoid all toxic elements in your food sources and your environment that you can control
  3. Exercise efficiently
  4. Sleep restoratively
  5. Control emotional stress
  6. Have a support team or a partner to share your ups and downs when necessary
  7. Believe in a superior power that offers guidance and spiritual enlightenment


Do Your Research

Scour the available references to learn what is working and what is hype.

  • Use key search words on PubMed to find abstracts from peer-reviewed medical papers published all over the world to read and understand what is out there.
  • Read medical results of patients treated with unconventional methods by medical practitioners.
  • Be careful when you read various healthcare “professionals” who tout their products for sale. Their conflicts of interest may ultimately cloud their judgement and their motivation. I’ve written about conflicts of interest in the world of nutrition.

As you do your research, you may want to search my website. I have written extensively about these pathways to success. You can go to my website Blog page and use the “Search” box to enter the keywords for what you are interested in. The search engine will bring up all my published content that I have created on my website regarding your search.


Links to 7 Pathways to Success

I have selected several links that go into detail about these specific pathways. Check out the ones that interest you …

#1. Bioavailable nutrients


#2. Avoid toxic elements

OXLAMS is an acronym for Oxidized Linoleic Acid Metabolites. OXLAMS are bad stuff.

  • They are destructive byproducts of an element in the food which most of us eat every day.
  • They create metabolic dysfunction and mitochondrial dysfunction over time.
  • They are the elephant in the room that could be killing us slowly.

Humans have adjusted gradually to a change in diet over the thousands of years of evolution. But our DNA has not kept up with the dramatic and rapid changes in the foods we eat. Some of these foods have inherent substances, which can accumulate little by little in our body. The slow accumulation of these unhealthy elements can and will be our downfall metabolically.

The more we educate ourselves of all toxic elements in our food system and our environment, the more we can take appropriate steps to prevent serious chronic diseases that become debilitating and life-threatening as we age.


#3. Exercise efficiently

In August 2017, I wrote a blog about high intensity interval training. Before that in May 2017, I published my article titled, Connecting The Dots: HIIT, Mitochondria, Gingivitis. I explained how science has demonstrated a positive link between high intensity interval training (HIIT) and overall health. Specifically, I described the link between HIIT and the health of the mitochondria relating to improved mouth health.

Here is a 2022 peer-reviewed article about high intensity interval training as well as a 2022 article about vigorous intermittent physical activity. Both explain the benefits of this type of exercise.


#4. Sleep restoratively

The lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep can produce damaging effects on a variety of essential day-to-day functions. Memory consolidation, body healing, and metabolic regulation occur during the sleep cycle. The lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep can negatively affect a person’s ability to properly function and can result in many chronic disorders such as diabetes, obesity, depression, bipolar disorder, seasonal affective disorder, and many other chronic diseases.

There are noninvasive ways to balance your brain waves to improve your sleep naturally and to check if you have other breathing issues that can affect your sleep.


#5. Control emotional stress

You might imagine my stress level went through the roof in 2018 when I received my cancer diagnosis and devastating prognosis. I feared my career was over, my quality of life would end, and the ability for me to provide for my family would stop abruptly. All that did not happen!

But now I have the stress from the repercussions of having COVID, which include the reactivation of the multiple myeloma.

Many of the people with whom I coach have experienced increased levels of emotional stress. A major cause has been the pandemic and all the collateral damage this destructive force has had on their daily living and their ability to maintain an income. But chronic emotional stresses can be caused by many things.

Consequently, increased stress levels can significantly influence a person’s eating habits, gut health, pocketbook, and overall health. Working on a Game Plan to address any emotional stresses has been helpful for many people. In fact, my Game Plan has delivered solutions for me. I know it can help you.


#6. Support team

I am only human. And being human, I have had significant but short bouts of depression. But I owe my strength to my wife, Sue, who always has been there to lift me up by my bootstraps and out from the abyss of depression. When she had some personal medical complications, I tried to be her support pillar.

She and I are a team, and she has helped me regain my focus whenever necessary. I refuse to be a victim.

I am extremely fortunate to have Sue in my life, and I know that not everyone has a “Sue” in their life. That’s why I’ve created this online community. Facing illness is tough, and I want each one of you reading this to know you are supported in your journey.


#7. Spiritual support

Most of my followers know that I was placed in a hospice hospital in late August 2019 to die. But most don’t know what happened to me during those hospice days of deep depression and preparing for death. And then how my spirituality lifted me up to where I am today.

Here’s a sweet story that affected me deeply and challenges you to think about life through the lens of a child.


You Have Power Over Your Own Health

You have the power to be your own advocate. Your wellness is up to you. You may not agree with all my recommendations and opinions, but these may be important steps for you to take control.

We come into this world alone, and we leave this world alone. Our existence during our life is under our control. But we are social beings. Although we can do this alone, it may be better and easier with the help of a support team. However, never give away your right to make your own health decisions and to follow your wellness pathways.

If you need guidance, set up a free 30-minute consultation with me. No sales pitch, no obligation. I’ve been through it all with my journey, and I want to use my knowledge to help others make their health journeys less confusing and less complicated. Your path won’t be the same as mine, nor do I expect you to follow the same plan. What I can do is provide you with reputable resources and tools to create a foundation of health that will serve you for years to come. Schedule your consultation here.


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15 Tactics for Wellness

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 3, 2021 [printfriendly]

We are all about WELLNESS. At least, most of us say, “I am all about wellness”. But are you spending all your time looking for the one holy grail that guarantees health?

Many of us are searching for this secret chalice, which hopefully will hold the miracle solution. But based on our human evolution, there really are some very simple and basic concepts that always have been true. If you can grasp and implement the 15 tactics which I list later in this article, your pathway to continued health could be assured.

You probably have read many books on the subject. There are gurus all over the Internet and in private practice promoting their ways of doing things to get healthy and stay healthy. No doubt you have seen the gamut from crazy diets to crazy gadgets. And no doubt you have seen the billions of dollars being made by the industry that sells these diets and gadgets.

We are a “gimmick” society.

If it’s a pill that will treat all our ills, we want it. If it is expensive, then it must work better. If enough “famous people” tout its benefits, we jump at the chance to write a check no matter what the science says or what it costs.

And then there are others who believe the more complex and esoteric a remedy or protocol is, the better it must be. Complexity seems to be directly correlated with efficacy.

All these are blatantly untrue. Don’t waste your time seeking out the elusive, exclusive, gimmicky solution.


Occam’s Razor

In the early 14th Century, William of Occam was an English Franciscan friar, scholastic philosopher, and theologian. He was reported to say that the best explanation of any phenomenon is the one that makes the fewest assumptions. This is known as “Occam’s Razor”. Essentially, when faced with competing explanations for the same phenomenon, the simplest is likely the correct one.

In my opinion, one thing is clear. The human species has evolved over thousands of years with a genetic blueprint, which has changed very little during this time. In fact, 99.9% of each of us is the same! [1],[2] What makes you the person you are and what makes me the person I am is the remaining 0.1% of our genetic blueprint.

The simplest rule of thumb would be to follow “mother nature” and give the body what it needs and avoid everything that is in your power that could act as an irritant or a toxic element to the body. Occam’s Razor suggests that the answers are succinct and achievable.


Genetic Blueprint

The genetic blueprint is the masterplan. It resides in the DNA within the nucleus of every cell in your body except for mature red blood cells.

The DNA lays out the design plan to manufacture YOU! It’s like the architect’s guide to build YOU! Everything that is part of the physical YOU is in this code. And your genetic code knows what it needs and what it does not need. Don’t play around with your genetic motherboard.

At one extreme in our Blueprint, our DNA is very clear about what it requires to stay alive. We must breathe clean air; eat nutritious food; and drink untainted water. Neglect any of these three requirements, then we surely will be doomed.

At the other extreme, it is just as forceful in telling us what it can’t tolerate. If we put toxic substances into our body, we will suffer. Make no mistake about it. If we insist on challenging our DNA by putting stuff into our body that we never evolved to detox, digest, or rid itself of, then our human machine will suffer, deteriorate, and die.

And it makes no sense to me to search out synthetic preparations to trick the body. These “miracle supplements and concoctions” claim that you can do anything you want to your body because these “miracle supplements” will mop up the toxic stuff that your body can’t handle. I ask you, “Why do this to your ‘human temple’ in the first place?”

Our body is a miraculous creation! Give it what it needs; avoid all the other junk.

It’s that straightforward – Occam’s Razor!


15 Tactics for Wellness

These 15 actions make up a simple statement of facts. Follow these steps. They are the best and cheapest health insurance you could ever buy.

The following 15 proactive tactics provide your genetic code with what it requires. Most importantly, you’ll be avoiding toxic elements that could damage your body. Use my 15 Tactics for Wellness as your guide to overall health.

  1. Eat nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory foods
  2. Drink natural spring water replete with trace minerals
  3. Stay away from packaged foods that include chemicals of any type from any source
  4. Follow guidelines to maintain a healthy garden of bacteria in your gut
  5. Efficiently and effectively take care of your mouth knowing that it also has a healthy garden of bacteria that must be maintained and not disturbed or killed off indiscriminately
  6. Eliminate processed grain products, sugars, and vegetable and seed oils from your diet
  7. Learn what it means to be “metabolically flexible” so that your body cycles back and forth between a “carbohydrate burning mode” and a “fat burning mode”.
  8. Determine your 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D blood level and maintain that level between 50-80 ng/mL
  9. Take desiccated bovine organs and products (i.e., liver, heart, spleen, kidney, pancreas, bone marrow, colostrum) instead of a “multivitamin/mineral supplement”
  10. Move your body – walk daily, perform body-weight exercises 2-3 times a week; engage in high intensity interval training once every 7-10 days
  11. Sleep restoratively – approximately 6-8 hours every night
  12. Reduce emotional stress
  13. Get out in the sun; walk barefoot on the earth
  14. Disconnect from daily news broadcasts and other digital devices whenever possible
  15. Avoid chemicals in personal care and household products


Search My Blogs

I’ve written detailed Blogs supported by peer-reviewed medical articles regarding most of these tactics. You could “search” keywords” on my website to find my specific articles. All of them are easily downloaded and printed.

I’m here if you have specific questions about my 15 tactics. I answer all my emails:





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