If I Knew Then What I Know Now

evolution rIt’s always like that. Right? Hindsight is 20/20. How often do you say, “If I really had the correct information THEN, I would have done things differently?”
Well, I am here to challenge you because there is information available today that can change your life. Are you receptive, or do you want to wait 20 more years to once again say, “If I only knew then what I know now, it would have been different?”
At my age of 68, there are so many things that I now know that I didn’t know growing up. A little more than two years ago, at the ripe young age of 66, I learned about primal nutrition and lifestyle. This new knowledge changed my life. What I implemented in my life was backed up by science. I could have procrastinated at the age of 66, but I jumped in 100%. I am reaping the personal benefits today and I believe for the rest of my life.
As I stated, there is science…

  • Enough science to uncover truths for anyone who has an open mind to think and the physical ability to respond
  • Enough science to demonstrate that our bodies can be changed for the better immediately
  • Enough science to verify that 2.5 million years of evolution teaches many facts

Here is what I believe is true:

  • You can practically stop gum disease and tooth decay if you act on this science now.
  • You can prevent most chronic diseases if you act on this science now.
  • You can significantly improve (if not cure) chronic diseases with which you are suffering if you act on this science now.

The here and now may well be providing you with 20/20 vision. Will you focus and act upon it?
So what is this science?
To start, almost all disease begins in the gut. Certain foods and various environmental factors change the ratios and types of microbes in the gut and thereby start in motion various changes in the body. The gut lining, which is only one cell layer thick, may become damaged. Bad things in the gut could begin to leak into the bloodstream through this damaged gut lining to initiate chronic inflammatory reactions. Some of these reactions lead to autoimmune diseases; some of them lead to metabolic disturbances; and others lead to further disruptions of many biological pathways throughout the entire body.
The basic science revolves around nourishing the body with what each cell needs to survive and thrive while removing from the body that which it cannot use or which is damaging to individual cells.
The research suggests that incorporating the following four concepts can improve the health of all individuals:

  • Eat nutrient-dense foods
  • Exercise efficiently
  • Sleep restoratively
  • Remove or reduce external and internal sources of stress and toxins

Many of my blogs go into more detail regarding these four pillars of health. Various books from such authors as Terry Wahls, MD; David Perlmutter, MD; David Brownstein, MD; and William Davis, MD (to name a few) delve into these areas. An online source for published science is PubMed.gov, which is a repository for all peer-reviewed medical articles worldwide.
I cannot motivate you to make a change in your life. No one can motivate you but you. You are the only one who can set the gears in motion. I believe that everyone has a tipping point – something that triggers YOU to make a change. It might be surviving a heart attack or a stroke; it might be the birth of your grandchild; it might be the day you get married or land your ideal job; it simply might be believing that there is something better out there. My hope for you is that you become motivated to make a change in your health based on science. If I am able to move you closer to your tipping point, I have succeeded.