The Bug is Attacking

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

October 24, 2021 [printfriendly]

There is a worldwide bug that is getting us down. And this bug is mutating – changing its form and virulence. But there are methods that may stop it in its tracks before it causes serious harm to our body. (Of course, “bug” is a code word for an infective foreign agent we all know about.)

This “bug” is like a swarm of biting and contagious insects which injects its venom into your system to spread potentially to all tissues.

People have been getting very sick. It can be life-threatening. Many medically and metabolically compromised individuals have died from its lethal sting.

It goes without saying that our body has been defending itself from external pathogens throughout evolution. This bug is another pathogen that wants to get into our body. Our immune system is tasked with being our “armed forces” to take charge, defend our body, and heal every cell in our amazing human machine if possible.

But modern civilization has forced substances upon us that damage our natural immune system and challenge its continued success to fight the fight effectively and efficiently.

All of us are exposed to innutritious foods, processed foods, added chemicals of all types, numerous physical and emotional stressors, and an increasingly polluted environment that surrounds us 24/7. We are being bombarded externally as never has been experienced in human existence. And we have an enormous number of decisions to make.

I have integrated the science and research from many sources and various peer-reviewed medical papers to put together my 2-page Protocol to engage this bug and offer a means to win the battle. I cite these sources in my Protocol, which assists in the recreation of a robust immune system. It includes clinically proven methods to help prevent this “bug” from taking over the body in its early stages of infestation.

Sadly, many qualified and seasoned medical specialists and investigators have been forced to retract their published papers and have been removed from mainstream social media when they write or talk about the science of this dreadful swarm. Populations all over the world are being forced to accept unproven and manufactured substitutes in lieu of taking the steps to build up a strong immune system.

What could be more natural than to support our body in the way it was created to function?

I ask you to follow the science – the real biological science that is dictated by our DNA blueprint. Don’t count on the “science” that is promoted by only one side of the equation. You need to understand pros and cons to make an informed decision as it has always been done in my lifetime until now. You should be proactive if the information makes sense to you.

Read my protocol to prevent and treat the early onset of the Bug: Protocols in this link.


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  1. Thank you for your information. It helped me and my family back in August when we got covid. We started using the nebulizer the first day, and I used it almost hourly in the beginning. I added NAC and Quercetin along with astragulus, echinacea, massive Vitamin C doses. Literally threw everything but the kitchen sink at this.

    The first week I was very mild and I thought gee this isn’t so bad for an unvaxxed 68 year old. My husband has congestive heart disease and 4 th stage cancer, and he was also mild the first week. The second week became more of a challenge when it progressed into a cough. My vitamin D3 level is 77, and my husband’s 74. My husband was able to return to work, full time, 2 weeks after the Covid started.

    I seemed to have more challenges with coughing . I suspect I had viral pneumonia with hindsight. I drank a lot of hot Mullein tea to help bring up phlegm. What really helped me turn the tide on this cough was taking tablespoons of New Zealand Manuka honey every hour. I saw an immediate improvement.

    Our primary care did weekly tele visits and kept saying we had mild Covid. But to me it was mild to moderate. We measured our oxygen levels daily with a meter.

    We both never had a fever. Lost smell and taste around day 4.

    I did not know where to get a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin. The primary care would not do it and said it didn’t work.

    Totally understand how people die from this thing. Even though I am very active, not overweight, eating organic mostly carnivore diet, I still had a difficult time of it. Grateful we are all alive and we were not hospitalized.

    By the way, I tested negative for Covid. But my husband and son both tested positive. No one will every really know how many people had it, how many died of it, in my opinion. There are no real accurate statistics.

  2. Where is the science you mention?

    • The cited links are in the footnotes in the Protocol and the highlighted hyperlinks. They are URLs.

  3. Thank You!! Dr. Al,

    Few people have talked about what we can and or should do. This Bug will have many variations as all bugs do. And learning how to deal with it is smarter than waiting on questionable solutions to be pushed thru. I have worked through the whole pandemic and not been sick yet. I believe it is the KetoVore Diet and increased health position that has helped me fight. If or when I do get it, I have printed your suggestions and no doubt I will do well. Thank You so Much!!!!!


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