The Dentist
with W. C. Fields (1932)

evolution rThe Dentist is a 1932 American comedy short starring W. C. Fields. His real name was William Claude Dukenfield. He was born on January 29, 1880 and died in 1946 on Christmas Day.

In this flick, Fields plays a dentist. For the first 8 minutes or so he demonstrates his skill at golf.  After he gets back to his office, he must deal with his daughter who wants to marry an ice-delivery man. Fields disapproves of the marriage, and he locks her up in an upstairs room, above his dental office.  She proceeds to make a raucous, causing plaster chunks to fall from the ceiling in Fields’ dental office while treating patients. Various comical patients arrive at his office, and he attempts to treat them without anesthetic. Notice the sterile technique he uses! In one of the funniest scenes near the end of this movie, he attempts to extract a painful tooth from a woman by getting all over her.

If you have about 22 minutes to spare, you might find this very funny. Remember, it was made in 1932.

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