The State of Our Health
– As I Know It –

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

February 27, 2022 [printfriendly]


Our health is in a state of turmoil and misinformation. It is following a nutritional path to destruction. I’m not being dramatic; I’m being real.

As you may know, I was diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma in 2018. The truth is, the state of our health system failed me, as it is failing you right now. While I can’t pinpoint exactly why I got sick, my research has led me to several important conclusions.

I want to share some facts and my thoughts with you. This is the state of the world as I know it. And it may be an eye opener if you haven’t considered the facts – the real facts and nothing but the facts. But all is not lost. I also want to share what we can all do to be proactive and help keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.


8 Scary Statistics

  1. The United States is the highest spending country worldwide when it comes to health care.[1]
  2. The U.S. Health System ranks dead last among the 11 high-income countries in the world.[2]
  3. The first and close-second leading causes of death in the US are heart disease and cancer, which are chronic, debilitating, yet preventable diseases. Our population is grossly and glaringly unhealthy.[3]
  4. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that 60% of Americans live with at least one chronic disease, and chronic diseases are responsible for 70% of deaths each year in the United States. In addition, at least 72% of our society is overweight or obese.[4]
  5. In a 2019 issue of the journal, Metabolic Disorders and Related Disorders, a peer-reviewed study showed that 88% of US population is metabolically unhealthy.[5]
  6. In 2010, a published paper demonstrated that 93.9% of adults in the United States had some form of gum inflammation (gingivitis) [6], which frequently has its origin in an unhealthy gut.[7],[8]
  7. In 2015, the CDC published their results in the Journal of Periodontology.[9] It showed the prevalence of severe periodontal disease (periodontitis) was estimated to be 47.2% for American adults. For adults 65 years old and older, the prevalence jumped to 70.1%.
  8. The CDC reported that approximately 91% of U.S. adults aged 20–64 had dental caries in permanent teeth.[10] The prevalence increases to 93% for those above 65 years old.[11]


Do I Have a Cure for Chronic Systemic Diseases?

My answer is, “No!”

I do have a carefully researched and tested set of tools and metrics that allowed me to quadruple my life expectancy after being diagnosed with incurable multiple myeloma and given 3-6 months to live in September 2018.

Let me be very clear. I do not have a cure for chronic disease or cancer.

But I have a means to support my immune system, enhance my nutrition, and create a healthy gut. For the most part, my Unconventional Cancer Protocols have assisted me in improving my health.

I’m sharing what I have learned with you in hopes that you’ll take these findings and use them to help yourself and all whom you love and care about. If I can leave one legacy behind, it’s to help people take control of their health and know they can change their circumstances.

When I talk to my medical and dental colleagues, I’m not preaching to the choir. Most of them have no idea what I am talking about. And most biologically oriented healthcare professionals aren’t getting the message completely either.

I believe that biologically oriented healthcare professionals have the ideal platform to address the facts I will describe and could make a considerable difference in the health of their patients. But everyone could take the lead and make substantial changes for himself or herself. You don’t have to be a healthcare professional to understand and implement what I have to say.


Healthcare Professionals Must Get Educated

#1. Most chronic diseases start in the gut. For various reasons, the potentially 38 trillion microbes that originally are in a state of balance in the gut can become unhealthy with overgrowing pathogenic species. The one-cell-layer epithelial barrier of the gut becomes breached. Within the gut, there are remnants of cell walls of gram-negative bacteria called LPS (Lipopolysaccharides). They are highly toxic to the body if they get into the circulation. With a breakdown in the gut epithelial barrier, LPS begins to leak into the blood stream through the “leaky gut” allowing the immune system to mount a significant and chronic inflammatory state that eventually can affect all organ systems and lead to most chronic diseases. Periodontal disease is just one of many chronic diseases that emanates from a leaky gut. This article published on 2/8/22 describes the destruction to the entire body via LPS leaking from the gut.

#2. When it comes to periodontal diseases, treatment must include active treatment of gut dysbiosis concurrently with active treatment of oral disease. Diseases in the mouth can become systemic and affect all organ systems throughout the body, just as a leaky gut alone can become the causal factor for chronic disease. The diet must be tweaked, the gut must be made healthy, and definitive periodontal treatment must be instituted.

Definitive Scaling & Root Planing in the early stages of periodontitis should be implemented, while Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) bone regeneration surgery should be the goal in advanced stages. This Laser wavelength also destroys the majority of pathogenic bacteria in the infected tissues.[12] Watch these enlightening animated videos to help you understand both these treatments:


#3. Healthcare professionals and proactive individuals need to understand the critical effects of a diverse garden of microbes in the gut and the mouth. Never should the microbiome be indiscriminately destroyed, but the microbiome must be treated effectively and efficiently to bring it back into a state of homeostasis.

#4. We need to realize the vital importance of biologically available, animal-derived nutrients in their natural and balanced ratios with other symbiotic elements. The animal sources must be organically and compassionately raised and humanely slaughtered.

#5. Everyone needs to appreciate the facts about regenerative rotational farming and animal grazing using no chemicals. The facts are that this type of regenerative farming and grazing results in benefits to the world environment and the world population.

#6. Some fruits and a very select number of vegetables can be healthy and included in your lifestyle eating plan. However, many vegetables, processed fats and oils, added sugars, grains, and almost all nuts and seeds contain “antinutrients” that are damaging to the gut, encouraging chronic systemic inflammation, and leading to chronic debilitating diseases later in life – and these include dental diseases. The potentially damaging foods must be eliminated as part of your new way of eating for a lifetime.

#7. And when it comes to supplements, humans are not deficient. Synthetic, processed, unbalanced supplements including other harmful chemical ingredients do overall harm and do not address the real problem. These chemically harmful ingredients accumulate over time.

#8. Our body requires hydrogen and electrolytes in their natural states to allow the many metabolic, mitochondrial, and ionic transfers and pathways to occur seamlessly. We are electrical beings and require discriminating oxidation/reduction processes (i.e., Redox[13]) to occur continuously.

#9. Manmade and processed indiscriminate antioxidants can be ultimately destructive to the intricate biology of our system. These indiscriminate supplements may destroy all free radicals. In contrast, high-dose molecular hydrogen (16 PPM) dissolved in drinking water neutralizes only the harmful, excessive free radicals but allows healthy free radicals to function in the body as they are supposed to do. Molecular hydrogen also is a potent and discriminating anti-inflammatory agent.


My Wife Thinks I’m a Fanatic

I am not a fanatic; I am a realist. Eventually, I will die from the complications of multiple myeloma, but it will be on my terms as I live the best quality of life I can muster for my body’s metabolism, mitochondrial function, and immune system.

My multiple myeloma was a result of poor nutrition throughout most of my life, unhealthy lifestyle choices, and a significantly toxic chemical environment during my 6 years of dental and specialty training. In addition, the advice propagated by the USDA Food Pyramid and its many updates, the American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Cancer Society contributed to the misinformation I followed. All professed a diet and lifestyle which are contrary to our human species’ evolution and DNA Blueprint. I have changed my way of living and am making enormous strides to heal my body.


Do Your Due Diligence

  • Read the seminal paper published in 2021 about the evolution of the human species over 2.5 million years which got us where we are today. Humans are the most intellectual and dominant animal on earth, and the authors’ story is both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary.
  • Watch this 15-minute video by Brian Sanders about meat, regenerative farming & grazing, the benefits to the environment, and feeding the world. This short talk about how we got where we are today will be the basis of his soon-to-be released documentary film, Food Lies.


  • Investigate some the human studies (HERE, HERE) that clearly prove that healthy red meat does not cause cardiovascular disease or cancer. On the contrary, consumption of healthy meat and organs is inversely correlated with these chronic diseases.
  • Read this controlled study of Kenyan children who excelled in school when they ate animal-based foods and did poorly when they ate predominantly plant-based foods.
  • Read the results of this study, which showed that total meat intake is positively associated with increased life expectancy. The study included an analysis of 175 contemporary populations.
  • Peruse the case reports from the Paleomedicina Clinic in Budapest, Hungary where over 5,000 patients with severe and sometimes “incurable” chronic diseases and cancers have been treated and sometimes cured using a strict animal-based diet with no supplements and no prescription drugs. Go to their website and then click on “Scientific Work and Articles”.
  • Read and understand the critical importance of a healthy gut.


My Legacy

The legacy I want to leave calls for all proactive individuals to take a hard look at the way our primal ancestors evolved into the intellectual and nutritionally healthy beings we can be today and appreciate the requirements of our DNA Blueprint which have genetically evolved very little during the last 10,000 years.

I intend to help my body as best as I can fight the fight it was designed to fight by providing all that it needs and avoiding everything that it doesn’t need.

You can do the same thing for yourself and for all others whom you love and care about. Be proactive! Start today!

I can help you if you want some guidance. Here’s a link to schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me to discuss.
















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  1. Many thanks Dr. A for sharing your much needed wisdom and research. What are your thoughts about the ‘oral probiotics’ such as the ‘hyperbiotics pro-dental’ brand?

    • I am not fond of oral probiotics. To establish a healthy oral microbiome, the gut microbiome and the diet must be addressed. Also, any active dental disease must be treated. An oral probiotic is only transitory and will not reestablish a healthy oral microbiome. At best, it is like a Band-Aid.

  2. Good to know…Thanks so much!

  3. Dr. Al, very succinct and informative piece that resonated with me. Like you I get the probiotics are transitory and as such must be taken continuously to be effective. A better option is to ingest prebiotic to feed your resident probiotics, causing them to grow and crowd out the negative, LPS producing bacteria that are the pathogens that contribute to leaky gut and autoimmune diseases.

    Regarding cancers in general, perhaps a focus to repair damage mitochondria and inducing mitogenesis or mitochondrial biogenesis would restores efficient mitochondrial signaling of apoptosis of cell on the path to becoming carcinogenic and senescent. Additional effort to prevent immunosenescence would lead to the effective removal of the debris of dead cells following mitochondrial induced apoptosis; this creates room for more youthfully functioning cells to take their; in effect the rejuvenation of organ and the rejuvenation of cell; this is a biological function that we all had before our biology became damaged by all that you have mentioned in you piece.
    Your reasoned thoughts Dr. Al are eagerly awaited as I think we share some common ground here. Hear from you soon.

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