What Will it Take
to Prove my Point?

Dr. Al Danenberg Nutritional Periodontist

August 30, 2020 [printfriendly]



To make a point that gets noticed, it is often necessary to bring it on from many different perspectives. It may seem redundant, but the advertising world knows all about this. It takes at least 7 “impressions” before a person gets the message. It’s called “The Seven Times Factor”. As a general rule, potential clients must be exposed to an ad seven times before he or she even notices it.


So, how many double-blind medical studies will it take to prove my point? How many published patient case reports will it take to make a difference? How many people have to get sick and die before unconventional becomes conventional? How many times do I need to tell the world what I know to be true?


My point is that our immune system is vitally important to overall health. Therefore, all treatment at its core should emphasize creating a strong immune system, which can help provide optimal healing potential.



My Immune System

I am alive. I am thriving. I am experiencing an amazing journey. And my PET Scan from May 2020 shows no active cancer cells in my entire body. I owe my success to my amazing and open-minded oncologist, my supportive and steadfast wife, and a robust immune system that I created for myself.


After being diagnosed with an incurable bone marrow cancer in 2018, I was given 3-6 months to live. My oncologist agreed with my decision to reject chemotherapy and pursue my Unconventional Cancer Protocols. Although there was no clinical evidence that my protocols were proven to heal my body, the medical research on which I based my protocols clearly suggested I was on the correct track. I designed my protocols to improve my immune system.


Let me be clear at the outset, I do not have a cure for cancer. I will never dispute any medical expert who states that my methods have not been verified to cure cancer patients of their devastating disease. But I will dispute any medical expert who states that the immune system has nothing to do with healing the body. And I will dispute any medical researcher who states that diet and lifestyle changes will not enhance an existing immune system. As I see it, an efficient immune system is the missing critical puzzle piece to achieving wellness.




I explain the process of healing with a simple analogy. If a person was healthy by all definitions of health but had a splinter in his finger, the area of the splinter could not heal. However, once the splinter was removed, the puncture wound in the skin would heal. But if that individual began to stab that splinter into the original puncture wound, the wound would never heal.


So, the immune system cannot function and heal the body as long as “splinters” still exist in the body. And the body cannot heal as long as it is continuously being “stabbed” by “splinters” entering the body.


My Unconventional Cancer Protocols “remove the splinters” that are affecting the body. They also provide the nutrients and promote the mechanisms for the body to function properly. The end result is the restoration of a powerful immune system.



Compelling Science

I’ve cited numerous medical studies in many of my previous Blog posts that support my point. The science is clear to me. It is just a matter of connecting the dots:


  1. Since 2011, the Paleomedicina Clinic in Budapest, Hungary has treated over 5,000 patients with severe chronic diseases and cancers. The doctors at the clinic use their version of an animal-based diet to treat their patients. This way of eating is called the Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet. Case reports from the clinic show significant success.[1] This is the type of diet I incorporate in my protocols. And this type of diet supports a strong immune system and avoids various unhealthy elements contained in most other diets.
  2. Double-blind human studies have shown that spore-based probiotics will restore the garden of healthy bacteria in the gut and repair the damaged gut lining.[2],[3] And spore-based probiotics are at the core of my gut restoration protocol. A healthy gut can avoid chronic systemic inflammation and support the strength of the immune system.
  3. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy has demonstrated it will repair damaged cell membranes, restore the energy production in cells, and improve the ion transport mechanism between the inside and outside of cells. Years of studies and countless articles in medical journals report on these realities.[4],[5] I use PEMF Therapy three times a day to improve my cellular health and thereby strengthen my immune system.


I will restate my initial assertion. The immune system has a vital role in the health of humans.[6] It fights disease-causing pathogens, neutralizes harmful substances from the environment entering the body, and destroys disease-causing changes in the body. My cancer journey is further proof to me.



Further Personal Proof

I am a human study of N=1. That means that the results I report are only of me. There is no control group. But I can tell you my immune system is functioning better than expected considering my diagnosis and prognosis. You may ask, “How do you know?” Here are two answers:


  1. Months ago, while at the Cancer Clinic, I had an office appointment with my oncologist. On that day, he had a severe case of the flu along with his physician’s assistant. They entered the room wearing masks. They were sneezing with red and swollen eyes. They apologized. But they were very sick. And they came into my space. I thought I would leave their office and get the flu a week or two later. I did not get sick. Theoretically, my immune system should be significantly weakened because my bone marrow is compromised. But I stayed healthy.
  2. In addition, I recently wore a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)[7] for 2 weeks. I am not diabetic, but I was interested in the data it could collect. It recorded my glycemic variability every 10 minutes, 24/7. The CGM data was converted into a 2-week standard deviation (SD) of my glycemic variability. Glycemic variability measured by the standard deviation is inversely correlated with metabolic health and overall health.[8],[9],[10],[11],[12]


A SD of 20 or less would be the goal for a healthy, non-diabetic person’s appropriate glycemic variability. A SD of less than 14 would indicate optimal glycemic variability, a vital metric for measuring glucose metabolism and an important indicator for a robust immune system.[13],[14]

My SD was 10!


I continue to state that I don’t have a cure for cancer. But I have changed my diet and lifestyle significantly. And I’m convinced my series of protocols have enhanced my immune system and created a vigor that is predictive of future healing and health.[15],[16]



Ending Thoughts

So, what will it take to prove my point beyond a shadow of doubt? As far as I’m concerned, I am the proof. Anecdotally, I may need to live another 10 years with sustained results before some in the medical world will agree, “He was correct!”


I don’t believe I am an anomaly. I believe I am the product of what should be the standard of medical care. I will tell this story over and over again until the consensus is, “He is right!” My point at the start is that our health goal must include improving the immune system to function at peak performance. Importantly and practically, there are protocols in place to reach that goal.


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  1. Hi Doc. I have done many CGMs and i am not sure that standard deviation do a good service in some cases. I do OMAD and mostly less than 20g carbs total. My glucose dont go above 115 but it goes fairly low during night when ketosis kicks in. My insulin is low but standard deviation is around 0.36. Am i using wrong formula, could you shed more light into this? thanks. Lana.

  2. Which spore-based probiotic do you recommend?

    • MegasporeBiotic from Mircobiome Labs and TerraFlora Deep Immune from Enviromedica.

  3. Could you please talk a bit more about PEMF? Do you recommend a certain device? Thanks, sounds like you’re on the right track!

    • I have written about PEMF Therapy in the past. If you put PEMF in the search box, the articles will pop up.

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